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About Us

Premier Alliance (PA) believes that in today’s financial environment you need someone who will back you up, lead you through or simply stand beside you – someone who has access to – and is willing to use other professionals.

PA feels so strongly about this, that we’ve taken an innovative approach by creating an environment where individuals can become proponents for their clients (not the product). PA has achieved this environment by providing a bank of professionals within our own firm, a reserve of professionals outside our firm, and encouraging the use and sharing of talents.

It’s not about the product or the individual representative. It‘s about your needs and desires – finding out what it is you want out of life’s journey. Where do you want to go?

Once the first destination is determined (it’s a rare journey that has just one crystal clear destination), we can start plotting your course.

PA was formed in 1997 and has since become Premier Alliance Financial Companies with over 50 staff and professionals. The PA Financial Companies include financial advisors, a property and casualty division, a health insurance division (including employee benefit plans), a mortgage division, and a business solutions division (bookeeping).

We have the resources and business relationships to implement your strategy, periodically review it, and keep you on course.

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