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April 12, 2013

Bicycle Safety Tips

Riding bicycles is often more than a form of transportation for people; it can be a great form of exercise and entertainment as well.  Still, there are people who rely on their bicycles as a form of transportation to get them where they need to go on a daily bases. 

But whatever the reason for riding a bicycle, whether out of necessity or for recreation, a rider must always remember safety as their primary concern.  Cyclist safety becomes especially important while riding bicycles on busy city streets and scenic highways.

The first way a cyclist can ensure their own safety is by maintaining and properly inspecting their bikes before riding.  The standard safety and inspection procedure is called the six point bicycle safety check.

The six points of safety on a bike that a rider should inspect themselves before every ride are to check the seat and handlebars for comfort and position, check the fit, tires, wheels, lights, and brakes.  If all of these are deemed safe and adjusted, then the bike should be safe to operate.

Once the bike has been cleared for safety, a biker can ensure their own safety by taking proper precaution and safety measures.  Perhaps the most important of these measures is to always wear a good fitting helmet.

Wearing reflective clothing and having visible lights on both the bike and one’s person will also increase safety by allowing motorists to see the biker more clearly.  By remembering safety first on every ride, a cyclist will be able to be better protected from harm on the streets and roadways.

photo credit: Steven Vance via photopin cc

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