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March 9, 2023

Preventing Common Winter Workers’ Compensation Claims

Winter can be a dangerous time for your employees. Severe weather, slippery conditions, cold temperatures and decreased visibility can be hazardous. Regardless of the size and sector of your business, these risks and exposures could lead to work-related illnesses and injuries.

While workers’ compensation insurance can provide financial assistance in the wake of such incidents, you should try to avoid putting your employees in harm’s way in the first place. Understanding common winter-related workers’ compensation claims may make it easier for your business to assess its circumstances and optimize safety.Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Filling Work Injury Claim Form

What Are Common Sources Winter-related Workers’ Compensation Claims?

When considering optimal steps to keep employees safe during the winter, your business should be aware of the following common incidents leading to workers’ compensation claims:

  • Slips and falls—Slips, trips and falls are already one of the most common causes of workplace injury throughout the year, but winter conditions can cause these accidents to occur even more frequently. Employers should ensure that sidewalks and parking lots are thoroughly cleared of ice and snow, and that indoor entry areas have nonslip measures, such as mats. Signs notifying employees, guests and passersby of wet surfaces should be posted. If employees conduct work outside, ensure they have proper footwear.
  • Motor vehicle-related incidents—Like sidewalks and parking lots, roads may also become perilous during winter. Since your business cannot control road conditions outside of your own premises, ensure that employees who must drive during inclement conditions are adequately trained. Provide them with additional time to reach destinations and monitor forecasts regularly.
  • Shoveling and snowblowing injuries—Although your business must clear ice and snow from certain areas, this strenuous work must be conducted safely. Employees responsible for shoveling could easily suffer strains, sprains and other injuries due to overexertion or poor lifting techniques. Using a snowblower exposes operators to additional injury risks, including lacerations and even amputations. Workers who push themselves too hard may even be at risk of cardiac arrest.
  • Cold stress conditions—Employees exposed to winter conditions for too long may be at risk of serious health conditions, including frostbite, hypothermia and trench foot. Your business must ensure that any employees working outdoors wear adequate winter gear and take regular breaks in warm areas.

Protect Your Workers

Winter is a dangerous time for employees across all sectors. Fortunately, the agents at Idaho Insurance Brokers make it their mission to help individuals, families and businesses in the Nampa area assess and address risks and exposures. We will work with you to analyze your circumstances and help you protect your finances and future with optimal coverage solutions. Contact us today to get started.

This blog is intended for informational and educational use only. It is not exhaustive and should not be construed as legal advice. Please contact your insurance professional for further information.

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