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February 13, 2014

Why I Hate To Write About Insurance, And What I Plan To Do About It!!!

Hey all, I so HATE to write about insurance, and it doesn’t matter if its car insurance, home owners insurance, business insurance, workers comp, I plain just hate to write about it. I also assume you hate to read a whole lot about all those insurances. So maybe if we can come together and I write about it a lot less and when I do I hope to make it as funny and humorous as possible. You may actually read the post, and I actually my want to write the post. I wish both of us luck in this experiment, good reading.

First of all there is almost always going to be a work missing oops… a word missing in the post cause I write like I speak. I know that I should have paid a whole lot more attention to those English teachers I had, but I could barely stand to be in class to begin with, and to actually pay attention to what they were saying at the time was a little to ask of a A.D.D. kid who was not medicated. So here it goes a little about car insurance today.

Auto insurance is pretty straight forward, what I mean by that is if you drive straight, and in the designated lane, and keep you distance, you got a better then average chance that your rates won’t be to crazy. A things that you can do if you can’t seem to do the above is look at your insurance papers, are you driving a 10+ old car and its worth $2k-$3k your probably wasting your money on comprehensive and collision coverage. Something to think about we try all the time to get our customers to raise or get rid of comp and coll, and if they thinks its right spend the savings on higher liability limits. 

Well that is my shot at writing something that I hate to write about. I am sure you felt lucky to even understand it, …if you did;).

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