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June 6, 2013

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Unlike a car, a home can gain in value over the course of ownership and be sold for a profit to those who know to how improve the value of their home.  Or, for those who won’t make a profit but who are still looking to sell their home in the near future, there are still things that you can do to boost the value of the home to get more money added upon the price tag of the home.

Before any projects get underway, a homeowner should consider asking a professional appraiser to come take a look at the home and offer suggestions.  Doing so will guarantee that projects will not decrease the home’s value and that only those projects that can be improved upon will be enacted upon.

One of the best and least expensive ways to improve the value of the home is by picking up the paint brush and going to work.  Applying a fresh coat of paint on old looking walls, both inside and out, will immediately boost the value of the home in most cases.

In addition, applying a new coat of contrasting paint colors and color schemes to the house can update the home and make it look more attractive to both appraisers and buyers.  Other common locations of the home where a home improvement project could benefit the overall value of the home include patching the roof, updating outlet covers, replacing old electrical systems, adding a deck, performing simple landscaping improvements, and exterminating any termites or other infestations.

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